Jcrop » Styling Demo

Jcrop's display is CSS-based, and styling can be customized.

This demo shows the use of a built-in class to provide alternate styling. There are two provided classes (in jquery.Jcrop.css) named jcrop-dark (shown above) and jcrop-light.

No more marching ants!

Invocation Code:
<script language="Javascript">
jQuery(function($) {
    setSelect: [ 20, 160, 480, 270 ],
    addClass: 'jcrop-dark'

Notes: Refer to the CSS file and styling demo in the release version of Jcrop for examples and notes about styling Jcrop. It helps to read the source.

These demos have been adapted for display on this website. Simplified versions of the same demos (with simplified source code) are included in the archive download.