Jcrop Links

This page will track external links related to Jcrop that may be of interest. I'm excited that in the short time Jcrop has been released that it has gained so much interest and traction within the community. When I find links that mention Jcrop, I'll post them here. Or, let me know if something should be added.

Jcrop Tutorials

Some tutorials have already been written. I hope that this list grows over time. If you write something about using Jcrop, tell me!

Jcrop-based Plugins

Jcrop has been implemented in a number of plugins for various software projects. Below is a list of the one's I've found so far.

Projects Using Jcrop

Some projects also include Jcrop out-of-the-box. Rumor has it that I'll be able to add Wordpress 2.8 to this list soon!

Interesting Implementations

I'm always a bit (pleasantly) surprised when people want to use Jcrop in unintended ways. I'll keep a list of those here.

  • Sprite Creator from FloweringMind.com is an interface that can be used to create code for CSS sprites. I'd thought about this before. The only problem is that accurately cropping such small areas is a bit tough.
  • Using an iframe and a blank image to simulate cropping any website from Hasin Hayder. Hasin has some interesting ideas and insights, be sure to check out the rest of his blog.

Sites Using Jcrop

There are probably more, let me know!

Jcrop Mentions

Of course Jcrop has been announced by numerous well-respected blog outlets, but here are some lists where Jcrop has received mention, and real-time searches about Jcrop on different services.

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