Jcrop v0.9.2 Released + Retrospective

Wow! 700 downloads and counting! I am not sure what I expected in 1.5 weeks, but it’s been beyond my optimistic expectations. Thanks so much to everyone who has come to check out Jcrop, the numbers are very encouraging.

I’ve just released Jcrop v0.9.2 to address a couple of issues. At first I was only planning to implement the new image sizing features to address larger images, but then I caught a silly bug that was potentially impacting performance. so it turned into a more important update.

The new version is faster, with new features, and better documentation!

There are a couple other issues I want to correct in the near term, so the next version will be coming out in a few days. I wanted to post this one sooner since it addresses some important issues. I’ve also moved the code into a git repository, and I’m sort of trying to get my bearings with that (I formerly used CVS).

I’ve only been contacted by a few people so far. I take that as a positive sign that the initial release was a success. And if you have checked out Jcrop, I’d love to hear what you think, too!

Things To Do

Update Demos/Tutorials. The demos on the site and the download archive need to be updated to better reflect newer documentation and improvements in calling the API, etc. The demos currently work just fine, I just didn’t get to update them before posting 0.9.2. I will fix this in the next version (in a few days).

Min/Max Crop Size. This is the question I expected, and I have heard it a few times now. Unfortunately, the current version does not support these settings. Personally, I struggle with their necessary value, but I also want Jcrop to do whatever you want it to do. So I’m hoping to implement min/max size by v1.0.

Code Optimization. Early development versions of Jcrop were pretty beautiful. Over time—as a result of horning in features, bug fixes, and other changes—the code has become a bit more of a patchwork. Ultimately I need to go back and do a line-by-line review of the code. Also slated for v1.0.

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2 Responses to “Jcrop v0.9.2 Released + Retrospective”

  1. KellyNo Gravatar wrote:

    Oops!! The API / Animation demo was broken for Safari and Opera. I updated it based on the v0.9.2 release and it works now. (This was the intended path, I didn’t know it was actually so broken.) These changes will make it into the tutorial files (in the archive) upon the next release which should be in a few days. Until then, if you are interested in the features, look at the source for the online demo.

    Also, I tested the update in IE and it works much smoother now.

  2. EvanNo Gravatar wrote:

    Nicely done! I plan on using this for a Social Network site I’m currently working on. ^^