This site is crap

An update about site performance, and the future of Jcrop on the web.

But it just got a lot faster! I set up the assets to load off of CDN, and let me tell you that makes a huge¬†difference in performance. Sometimes I’m a slow learner.

Anyway, in other site news, I’m developing an all-new Jcrop site. That has been years in the making. Look for that soon! It will feature improved and complete documentation, and other exciting new features.

Also, it may appear sometimes that I’ve left Jcrop to wither. I’ll tell you if that ever happens. More than likely I’m sitting here with a raft of changes to push out. I’m getting more productive and better at doing that though, so look for new work on the near horizon!

One Response to “This site is crap”

  1. Ron StrilaeffNo Gravatar wrote:

    Wither!? Are you kidding me? There are a huge number of people out there looking for plugins that involve beautiful GUI features like this. I for one am in the middle of a rewrite of our WordPress sites and I’m tryging to get a frontend input form that lets the visitor drag and drop an image, the crop it an preview their complete “submission” in a WYSIWYG layout. First, I have to get plupload to work, then this. Thanks a million times for doing this!!