Malware, oh my!

Read this article if you are experiencing “badware” warnings when navigating this site. I believe the problem has been rectified, but I’m waiting for the mighty Google to review the site and remove the warning. To the best of my knowledge, the site is safe to view.

So it appears a crafty hacker was able to insert a malicious <iframe> into some pages on this site. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how this attack was carried out, to no avail. In the process of taking everything apart and putting it back together it seems that the offending code was removed, leaving me none-the-wiser about how it happened.

The compromised pages were running under MediaWiki. It was running an older version, which I just upgraded. Hopefully the holes have been plugged. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for any confusion or problems this has caused. Now, hopefully at some point soon, the Googles and the Firefoxes of the world will stop warning users of threats that are no longer active.

The upside to this is that it will probably move me forward on my plans to completely overhaul this site.

2 Responses to “Malware, oh my!”

  1. jcrop contributorNo Gravatar wrote:

    Hey mate. Looks like you gave up on jCrop.
    Do you want to chuck the code into the SVN on Google Code and add some of our guys as contributors.

    I’d hate to fork it. Better continue under your name.

    Get in touch.


  2. ConradNo Gravatar wrote:

    Yes, JCrop was a great piece of software, would love to see it mantained and pushed forward.